Assessment is a continuous process which is integral to teaching and learning allowing all
children to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. It should always
be accurate, reliable, consistent provide clear information and have a positive impact on
pupil’s learning. Assessment of children can take different forms including both observations
and discussions, as well as the formal assessment of written work and tests. On-going
teacher assessment is central to pupils making good progress.
The aim of our assessment is to ensure that:
 Assessment is an integral part of teaching, based on best practice, focusing on the
curriculum and that it lies at the heart of promoting children’s education, progress,
attainment and wider outcomes.
 The academy ethos promotes and emphasises the opportunity for all children to
succeed if taught and assessed effectively.
 Pupils progress well in lessons, knowing why they have been taught a skill, and what
they need to do to improve further.
 A consistent approach is conducted that measures school progress against national
The outcomes of assessment inform:
 Pupils and their parents about progress and achievements, and next steps.
 Teachers about gaps in pupils’ knowledge and understanding, or skills that need to
be addressed through further teaching.
 School leaders about the progress of individuals and groups, against national
standards, in order to ensure equality of opportunity, inform teacher performance
management, and help leaders target resources and intervention strategies.

Parent Information on Standardised Testing and Scores

End of KS1 Assessment Leaflet

End of KS2 Assessment Leaflet