Day Club/Venue Time Open to Teacher
Monday Craft Club

Class 1 classroom

3.15 – 4.00pm


Year 1 only Mrs. L. Morton
Monday School Council

Class 5

3.15 – 4.00pm

Alternate Mondays

Commencing 26.09.16

School Councillors


Mrs. S. Darrah

Mrs L. Setterfield

Monday Tag Rugby

Junior playground



Years 5/6 Girls and Boys Mr Thelwell
Tuesday Homework Club

Brainy Room

(must have homework to complete).

3.15 – 4.00pm All year groups


Mr Wilkes
Tuesday Netball Club

Junior Playground

3.15 – 4.15pm Y5/6 Girls and Boys Mrs K. Phillips
Thursday Art Club

Brainy Room



Commencing 29.09.16

Invitation only


Mrs A. Jackson


Football Club

School Field

3.15 – 4.15pm Y5/6 Girls and Boys Mr A. Jackson
Thursday Choir (Young Voices)
Class 5 Classroom
3.15—4.00pm All KS2 Mrs L. Setterfield


Please note this is not an exhaustive list of clubs on offer at Highfields, these are just the free after school clubs run by staff. We also run some lunchtime clubs such as library club and Aston Villa Multi Sport club and are exploring opportunities to work with outside partners in order to increase our offer even further. We are also running a Science Club run by an outside agency.  An outside agency will also be running a  Fashion Club (please see attached leaflet for details).

If you have a particular skill or interest that you think would interest our pupils, why not volunteer to run a club of your own! If this is something you are interested in doing please do come and speak to Mr Wilkes.