Class 2

The Class 2 Team – fun facts!

  • Mrs Hollins loves to read especially on holiday and her favourite book is ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morporgo
  • She loves sport especially running and completed her first Half Marathon this year. Mrs Hollins would like to complete her first Triathlon next year.
  • Mrs Darrah also loves reading. Her favourite books is ‘Danny the Champion of the World’ which was her class reader when she was at school.
  • Mrs Darrah loves watching films and going on long walks with her dog.


I’m very pleased to be able to welcome everyone to what I hope will be an exciting and enjoyable year. My aim is to build upon the fantastic learning that the children did in Year 1 by ‘hitting the ground running’ in September. With the support of Mrs Darrah, I am confident that the children will have a thoroughly engaging and successful time in Class 2.

Mrs Hollins

Images taken at Highfields School in Burntwood, Staffordshire to show the range of activities that take place on a normal school day.
Mrs Hollins – Class 2 Teacher

In Class 2 we will…

  • Listen carefully to whoever is speaking.
  • Treat others how we want to be treated at all times
  • Try our best throughout the day
  • Always think ‘How can I get better at that?

Class 2 – Office365

Class 2’s Learning Expectations

Class 2’s Learning Map